Monday, March 28, 2011

First Doctor's Appointment

Today we made our first trip to see Dr. Taylor, our pediatrician. He happens to have also been my pediatrician. How crazy is that?! He was so wonderful with me and my brothers it makes me feel very confident Jackson will have great healthcare with him and the practice he works with.

According to the doc, Jackson is a very healthy baby. Yay! When we left the hospital he weighed 6.6 pounds and today he was up to 6.8. Most babies have lost weight but not our little one. The past 24 hours he's been eating more, we're thinking he's hit the first growth spirt which comes around day four. Not only this, but he's apparently a strong little baby with good jaundice levels (so we don't need the lights). We'll return in two weeks for another check up.

Day Five

This is the first time he's actually kept a pacifier in his mouth on his own. He got very fussy/hungry halfway through the appointment so we figured it was worth a shot. Also, I love when he looks at us with just one eye, as if opening both is too much work.

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