Friday, April 15, 2011

Maternity Leave Woes

Venting begins.....Now.

We've been home from the hospital for three and a half weeks now. Brandon has been back at work for a week and a half, and our plumbing has been out for 24 hours now. And it could possibly be longer....That leaves me home with a fussy Jackson, two dogs (who can't go outside unsupervised because the back gate has to be open right now) and some very nerve-wracking often incompetent plumbers.

I feel like all of the clothes are dirty, the dishes are dirty, the bottles are dirty, I could go on. On top of this I'm just sick of being at the house. Is this how everyone feels on maternity leave? Don't get me wrong, I love Jack and my time with him. But I also love my job and coworkers and having purposes to leave the house! Whew.

Today, Jackson was super fussy on top of plumbing issues which have each contributed to my mini-meltdown. I tried to do this...

But it just didn't happen.

Thankfully my mom arrived early this afternoon and I got to take a nap. So thankful.

I'm certainly looking forward to spending quality time with B! If only we could be here this weekend...

That would be nice. I'm sure Brandon would agree!

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  1. I completely understand. I am ready to go back as well! I love G but I need to get out and have social interaction! My hormones calmed down at about 4 weeks and I felt so much better!