Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Project Life Tuesday: Week Five

This week, Jackson started sleeping in his crib all night again, celebrated his first Easter, turned one month old, met more family members and got cuter by the second.

Happy Tuesday!

Week Five: April 19-25

B and I made this little monkey a few months before D-Day, we named him George. Hopefully Jack will love this little thing one day.

He seems to be making little bubbles pretty often lately. Kind of funny.

So far, he's loving the car. The true test will be this weekend when we head out of town to see my dad!

Jackson's Zoolander face...

and pouty face.

New outfit! I really like this yellow on him!

Easter bib from his first Easter basket!


  1. Love all these pictures! He has grow.... Love you Jackson, Brandon and Erin!