Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Project Life Tuesday - Week Three

This has been another wonderful week! We have had a few rough nights and some new fussy tendencies due to some tummy issues (nothing serious though). In my opinion this has been the week Jackson changed the most. His face is starting to fill out more!

All in all he is such a wonderful little boy!

Day 14 - April 6

Afternoon time with his Daddy.

Day 15 - April 7

Our first day at home without B! Wasn't as scary as I thought it'd be!

Day 16 - April 8

This afternoon we were super fussy. I've found that if nothing I do soothes him, the bouncer will! Thank goodness!

Day 17 - April 9

Spending some time on our tummy. He's enjoying it more and more every day.

Day 18 - April 10

I read that laying a baby on his tummy can help relieve some of his stomach pain, so we tested this theory out. It worked for a while which I was thankful enough for. Although I'm too nervous to let him really sleep like this!

Day 19 - April 11

We gave Jackson his first bath last night! He did so good. I was so excited when his umbilical cord fell off, the kid needed a bath!


  1. this is so cool erin! im so glad you made this blog!! thanks for sharing!
    Jackson is a little angel. I love the pic of him on his stomach.
    Miss you Mama!
    -Meredith C

  2. Congratulations on your son! Oddly enough, I had a son on March 24th. :) I think I'm going to have to peek at your other photos. :)