Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

We had such a wonderful week last week! Today is my last day to have Brandon home with me and I'm getting a little nervous about what maternity leave will be like without his company. ANDJackson will be two weeks old tomorrow!

Hope you enjoy this week's Project Life photos!

Day Seven - March 30

Play time on our mat. I love the expression on his face with that little furrowed brow and pursed lips.

Falling asleep on my lap. Love these little moments...

Day Eight - March 31

Love the expression on his face...here's a closeup...

In my family, if it's Thursday night then you're at my grandmothers for dinner. So, we bundled Jackson up and headed out to his first Thursday Night Dinner. He slept through most of it, but it was nice to leave the house!

Day Nine - April 1

Tiny toes!

Love these hands and so does he! They're always in his face!

Day Ten - April 2

B's family came in town from Nashville this weekend! This is his sister, Bethany, with Jackson and Baxter. More photos to come!

Day Eleven - April 3

Jackson's hair was looking pretty oily so I decided it was time to wash it. He was surprisingly very good with the whole event. And his hair smelled so good afterwards! There's not much better than the smell of fresh baby.

Day 12 - April 4

He loves his bouncer on vibrate! He'll sleep forever. He even sat outside with his Dad yesterday for a while. Finally some pretty weather!

Below is Jackson's favorite sleeping position as of the past couple of days...

Day 13 - April 5

It does not look comfortable...


  1. Erin, I am loving your blog! Jackson is so precious, and these pictures are amazing! It makes Great Aunt Kerri feel like she is able to watch him grow! I love you both (oops, all 3) very much <3

  2. Congrats on that precious little boy of yours.

    Great shots...