Friday, April 1, 2011


Many revelations have occurred for me since Jackson's arrival. Revelations like....

*Nine months of morning sickness might have just been worth see this little face in my arms. (I love when he purses up his lips like he's waiting for a kiss.)*
*My ankles have been swollen so long that I forgot what they looked like. Today, I looked down and thought "damn, my legs looks skinny!" It's because my ankles are back! No more cankles!*

*Who knew you'd care about someone's poop schedule so much, or watch the baby monitor as if it were the nightly episode of Chelsea Lately.*

*Wearing my weddings rings again feels amazing. It felt so weird not to be able to wear them!*

*Laying and listening to your baby's little noises as he sleeps is one of the greatest activities in life.*