Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday: Anniversary Edition

Today I am LOVING my husband!

Five years ago today my husband and I "officially" started dating. FIVE YEARS! I just can't believe it.

August 2006

We met on January 16, 2006. Three weeks later Brandon was my best friend, there was just no denying it. I think we both knew this was going to be something special...

May 2006

After eleven months of a long distance relationship we got engaged. I remember that day so vividly...He was so nervous and I didn't have a clue this was coming.

December 2006

A year and a half down the road we got married at my favorite place in the world.

This day was beyond perfect.

August 2008

The next couple of years were filled with many, many good times as well as times of hardship. Thanks to B's strength we made it through together, and I will thank him for this the rest of my life.

Two years and five days after we said "I Do," we found out we'd be having a baby. A true miracle. Then on March 23 our lives changed forever in the greatest way possible...


I can still remember sitting on your couch at the farm the first night I met you. We talked for hours and hours until night turned into morning and morning turned into an entire weekend. I returned to Alabama that week thinking, "who is this guy?"

It didn't take long to realize you were "the one," even though I think you realized this long before me.

Where we are today isn't anywhere I thought we would be five years ago. We've come so far from that little house on the farm. Thank you for sticking by me through thick and thin, you are certainly my rock.

I feel so blessed to have found you. My love for you since Jackson's arrival is unreal. This kind of love leaves me speechless. It's perfection.

You are my faith and my hope. I wouldn't have made it through the past five years without you. I can't even begin to imagine what the next five years will bring us, but I can only pray it will be just as incredible!



  1. aww thats so sweet. happy anniversary!

  2. Sweet story and precious baby!!

  3. This is such a wonderful post! Happy Anniversary!

  4. New follower here!!!
    Such a great story and adorable baby! Congrats on everything!!!
    I hope you'll check out my blog and see what I'm loving!

  5. I love both of you guys very much! It takes 2 to make it work, that is for sure! You both are very strong people. Looking forward to many, many more years of you guys together. I cannot wait to meet Jackson <3

  6. Yeah my wife is pretty much the greatest. Thanks a lot babe. Love you tons!