Saturday, May 21, 2011

Project Life: Week Eight

We've been kind of busy lately, or at least I feel that way, so this post is a little late! But hey, at least it's here!

Can't believe Jack is already eight weeks old. This week has been one of our best. Jackson is on such a wonderful schedule and is becoming more and more alert during the day. He's even sleeping very, very well!

We head to the doctor Monday for his two month check up and his first round of vaccinations. Hope he handles needles better than his momma!

May 10-16

I like that it looks like he's smiling in the last one...this is actually mid cry. He was very much over the photo shoot that was taking place.


  1. Love these and how alert he is!! The second is my favorite. The last one is definitely a look we've given your mom during Thanksgiving picture time before!

  2. I like the second picture also!