Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Project Life: Week Nine and Ten

Apparently week nine kind of got away from me. Most of the pictures from that week are here in his eight week photo shoot.

So, that leads us to a combo pack of week nine and ten.

May 17-23 and 24-31

He's loving his play mat more and more every day! He'll lay down there and just talk and kick, it's wonderful.

I propped him up on the Boppy because he doesn't like being on his tummy. He didn't like this either. Ha!

The past two weeks, Jack has grown so much. He continues to make more new noises and likes playing on his own. He still takes wonderful naps and follows a routine perfectly most days.

Last night, he slept through the night for the first time! From 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. he didn't make a single noise! This is my last week at home before going back to work fulltime. So, I hope I can get him sleeping through the night regularly. Either way, he's such a good baby!


  1. He's got so many expressions now! I'm starting to see a lot more of Brandon in that sweet little face!

  2. WOW... Jackson has grown so much.... the 2nd picture reminds me so much of Brandon, but I think he has Erin's big eyes.
    Such a handsome little man!