Saturday, May 28, 2011

Two Month Birthday

Last month I mainly noticed Jackson growing in size, this month he grew in personality. That's not to say he didn't get bigger this month, but he has certainly begun to get a voice and personality of his own.

Here's a little insight to what happened in our second month:

Weight: 10 pounds 14 ounces Height: 22 inches

Jackson came in at the 50th percentile on all measurements. Perfectly healthy.

He grabs things now. Like my hair, the burp clothes and even his very first toy!

Jackson is making a couple of new noises when playing with his toys or just trying to get some attention. 

His hair is changing from my dark dark brown to a lighter brown. This one actually makes me a little sad.

He shed his first tear ever. Fortunately, it wasn't while throwing a complete fit (his poked his eye) so my heart didn't completely break.

Jackson has rolled over from "belly to back" and "back to belly". However, none of us have actually witnessed it! Jackson is obviously just not ready for all of us to witness his greatness yet, ha! You should see all the useless tummy-time footage I have!

Typically, he sleeps from 9 pm to 5:30 a.m., eats and sleeps again until 7:30/8. It has been amazing. The pediatrician said he's one of the best sleepers in his entire practice. Of course the night he told us this Jackson woke up two extra times, but we're back to normal now.

We still swaddle Jack for bedtime. His flailing arms have proven to be too much for him to handle.

He officially fits in 0-3 month clothes. Some of the 3 month clothes are still too big though.

Jackson is still wearing newborn size diapers. We ordered some size ones but they were just massive (this was last week). I think he'll be in the size ones any day now though.

He has hiccups all the time, poor kid. They're starting to bother him. 

Bottles consist of 4-5 ounces per feeding. Two weeks ago he was even taking six ounces, but this only lasted a couple of days. I'm betting it was a little growth spurt.

He's starting to smile all the time.


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  1. Jackson is the size at Two months that Brandon was when he was born..... 10lbs 12 1/2 ozs...... WOW