Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had another "first" around here this weekend, and it was a good one! Our first family vacation!

After brainstorming and prepping the pack all week, I frantically packed what seemed like the entire nursery all day Thursday and Friday. I was quite nervous about our first road-trip with Jackson. Whether or not he's a good traveller is kind of a big deal. We have a lot of family and friends out of town, so there is sure to be a lot of travelling in our future.

Friday afternoon, we packed up the car and headed to North Carolina to spend the weekend at Jackson's G-Pa's house.

Did you think this was his house? It's not. But it was too awesome not to include in the post.

Anyway, our little man did great on the road! He slept most of the two hour trip, waking up as we turned into the driveway.

We spent the weekend enjoying the mountain air, taking a relaxing walk around the NC Arboretum and just hanging out.

My dad got some quality time with his grandson and gave Brandon and I a chance to go walk around downtown Asheville. The sun was shining the entire weekend, it was wonderful!

I'm already looking forward to our next trip!

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