Thursday, June 30, 2011

Project Life: Week Thirteen

Goodness, the weeks are going by so fast it's hard to keep up!

We'll just hit the highlight of Jackson's 13th week and then move on to pictures....

Okay, this was a big week because little Jack made his first trip to Nashville. It was a wonderful, extremely busy four days meeting many, many family members and friends. One of our dear friends from Murfreesboro even through us a wonderful shower (Thanks Jess!). As much as I enjoyed our trip, I'm hoping the next venture to TN won't be nearly as busy. 

Want to know the most amazing part of our trip to Nashville?

Jackson slept almost the entire six and a half hour drive home and still slept through the night once we got home!! Miracles happen, obviously.

Oh, and we celebrated Brandon's first Father's Day!! 

June 15-21

First family trip to Nashville

Tough Life

First Father's Day

Helping with chores at a young age

We were having some drooling issues....

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  1. Your so lucky to have such a good baby..... Jackson is precious... only fusses when hungrey, sleepy or a dirty diaper. He lights up everyones life.....We are all so blessed to have him in our lives!
    Love you guys!