Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three Months Old!

Jackson is three months old and looking at the comparison from his four and twelve week pictures still has me in awe. So many things have changed about our little guy since the day we brought him home. It's truly amazing to see the way your baby grows up so fast, especially this first year (or so I've been told).

Weight: 12.5 pounds Length: 24 1/2 inches inches
(measurements done at home so not completely precise)

Here's what's been happening around here this month:

He's becoming a chatty little man. At least half of his wake times are spent "cooing." If you talk to him, he'll talk to you. I love it!

His happiest time of the day is right after he wakes up and just before bedtime.

Jackson is wearing 0-3 month and some 3 month clothes.

We've moved from Newborn size diapers to Size 1. These seem so much bigger than our old ones!

He started daycare this month and he's done wonderfully. The ladies there just love him, and he's definitely one of the cuter babies in the room. I may be a little biased though. 

We're learning to grab toys. So far, our crinkly elephant is winning. 

Jackson no longer hates to be on his stomach. Don't get me wrong, he still doesn't love it but he at least enjoys it now. He is, however, loving to just lay on a blanket and kick.

Jackson made his first big road trip to Nashville and did amazing. In fact, on the seven hour drive home he slept the whole way and still slept through the night. Did we get lucky or what?!

He sleeps through the night. We're officially sleeping from 8:30 pm to anywhere from 6-8 am. Typically he wakes at 7, but every day varies just a little bit.

Bottles range from 5-6 ounces.

Rather than laying on the little gym we have, he's preferred just his quilt on the ground or time on Mommy and Daddy's bed.



  1. Grammy , Pops , B and the whole family loved, loved having Ya'll in Nashville for those few days.Jackson is the most precious baby ever... but then again he is our grandson! Jackson has gotten soooo big!

  2. He is starting to look a lot like you!

  3. I love the 3 month picture! Thanks to you both for being so patient with the Family. I knowed we held Jackson alot, and passed him around. He did so well! I miss him, oh, and you guys too! Love you all :)

  4. I can't believe how much bigger the size one diapers look compared to the newborns!! He's getting so big!!