Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just Because...

Just an update for all of you not here in Columbia...

This has been a long week. On Tuesday daycare called and said, "something is wrong with Jackson." I went speeding the one minute down Trenholm Road to go check on him. When I got there he was screaming and crying. I gave him a bottle, we talked and he was fine again. The next day I was concerned so we went to the doctor and apparently Jack has an small ear infection. I knew he had developed a cold, again, {thanks daycare} but I really didn't think he had anything else. 

We have now started some antibiotics and he's feeling a little better. Still suffering from a nasty cough though. Also, this week my perfect sleeper has decided 4 a.m. is playtime. Not sure what's going on with his schedule, but I'm hoping I can get him sleeping through the night again soon! Very soon!

And because I've got way too many pictures of Jackson than I know what to do with, here are some to brighten up this rainy week:

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Poor baby! Maybe he is going through a growth spurt?! Hope it gets better!