Saturday, October 1, 2011

Half-Way to ONE!

Last weekend, September 23, Jackson turned 6 months old!

Before I could turn around to take a photo Jackson had eaten his sticker.

We've certainly begun the stage where top priorities in life include teething and putting everything in our mouth.

Height:26.5 {50th percentile}
Weight: 19 pounds {74th percentile}


size 2 diapers {as of September 27 he is in size 3}
6 month clothes
6-9 month pants
and a few 3-6 month items


His sleep schedule has been all over the place. Bedtime use to fall between 8 - 8:30 pm, but the last half of month 5 bedtime transitioned to a firm 7:30.  In fact he now throws a fit if you aren't putting him in bed by then.  While we use to get to sleep until 8 am, the earlier bedtime has come with an earlier wake time. Lately, morning starts between 6 - 6:30 am.

Professional roller. Wannabe crawler. Attempting to sit alone.

Jackson loves his...

 Daddy, einstein jumper, talking, his teething hand toy and sleeping on his stomach. 

Each month keeps getting better. His personality grows richer and more spirited. Some days he looks like Brandon and some days he looks like me. It's a beautiful, crazy thing to see him change.

Happy six months Jack! 

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